Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) at Susan B. Anthony Project

Holding handsSusan B. Anthony Project’s annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month Vigil is held in April.  The vigil supports and gives a voice to survivors of sexual violence. SBAP also honors community members who have collaborated and supported our work throughout the year.  This year we will hold a virtual vigil on Thursday, April 29th on our Facebook page.  Stay tuned for details about our vigil and checkout our Facebook page for activities taking place throughout the month of April.

Faces of Survival is a photo exhibition of survivors of sexual violence who have chosen to “break the silence” and tell the story of their journey as a survivor.

The Clothesline Project for SAAM 2021 will be on display at the Thomaston Public Library for the month of April.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month History

SAAMSexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) began in England in the late 1970’s with Take Back the Night marches – women only protests that emerged in direct response to the violence women encountered as they walked the streets at night. In 1978, the first Take Back the Night events were held in San Francisco and New York City.

Initially a woman’s cause, it wasn’t long before these activities expanded to include the issue of sexual violence against men and men’s participation in ending sexual violence.

In April 2001, the first Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) was observed nationally.