Male VictimMen can also experience domestic violence and sexual assault. Sexual abuse and rape create substantial physical and psychological harm to male victims.

Men experience many of the same psychological reactions to violence as women including:

  • Guilt, shame, and humiliation
  • Anger and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal from relationships

Men and boys are less likely to report the violence and seek help due to the following challenges: the stigma of being a male victim, the perceived failure to conform to the macho stereotype, the fear of not being believed, and the lack of support from society, family members, and friends.

Facts and statistics about male victims of domestic and sexual abuse

(The National Center for Victims of Crime, Male Rape, 2007; Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Possible Lasting Effects, and Resources, 2007)

  • One out of fourteen men has been physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, co-habitating partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or date at some point in their lives
  • In terms of victimization, intimate partner violence against men is overwhelming committed in same-sex relationships rather than in heterosexual relationships
  • One in 33 men have been the victim of a completed or attempted rape
  • 94% of the perpetrators of sexual abuse against boys are men
  • One in six boys will be sexually abused by age 16

Susan B. Anthony Project is available to provide confidential services to men and boys. Call our 24-hour crisis line to speak to an advocate or to make an appointment.